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2020 a journey of questions and hopes.

What is it that keeps you productive and self motivated during this challenging time? Are you taking class? Are you acting? Is your stage acting career morphing into voice overs and/or audio book projects? Are you directing? How have you changed your perspective on direction? Are you teaching and how have you managed this new Zoom world? Have you embraced it? I feel trying to stay current in this "current" is a challenge all in itself. sometimes I feel the energy and flow moving so fast it's a challenge to keep up. How we look at ourselves in this work, how we are perceived and perceived others and what we thought our future would look like 10 months ago is forever changed. And, change is a challenge for folks. I'm doing my best to be easy with myself and those around me, in and out of the work. My students face new challenges and I'm learning how to be different with each of them. Of course, there is nothing that can or will take the place of face to face exploration of text and behavior. The visceral exchange of energy! I hope we return to this soon and as unscathed as possible. Those first moments are going to be powerful. We are social creatures. the human condition is fascinating right now, although it's always fascinating. For myself I am grateful to be teaching, acting some and possible direction in the spring. Doing my best to cherish the moment and stay creative and hope for the best in the not too far future.


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