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Relax into the process...

Whatever that may be. I feel like my process changes with every show, every project. Although the "outline" stays the same, the content is always different. And, I'm always in a different place personally. I'm not always sure I'm ready to jump back in but I quickly get swept up in the making of theatre, telling the story, collaborating and sharing. I feel I've fought the process more often in the past. The process can be accomplishing/completing projects in the garden. it will get done when it gets done and if I don't think about the outcome but rather focus on the moment I always tend to accomplish more than I had anticipated. If I'm not off book when I want to be stressing about it is not going to help me memorize any quicker or easier but I find if I relax about it and trust the magic of gestation, it happens. Sometime the process is just waking up in the morning and making coffee, or should you prefer tea, and sitting outside and. listening to the birds.


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