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Take a Break...

One thing I find to be essential is to take a break. Allow yourself to get away. Wether you actually have the ability go out of town, the work will be there when you return, or enjoy staycation, I find it important to re-energize the system and to get a fresh perspective. Take the time to think about what you're doing and why you're doing it. What we do can often be all encompassing and be sooooooo important and it's easy to loose perspective, to loose the joy of our work. I ask myself these questions a couple times a year. As much as I love teaching for example, I take a couple months out of the year to rest my class. I feel it's important for me and my wonderful and dedicated students to take a break and either study some other aspect of the craft or just live their lives. When we come back to it, we're different people and that reflects in the work.

Breathe and Stretch...
Palm Springs


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